Are 3D and 4D Number Plates Illegal in the UK? Law Change for UK Number Plates

Number Plates

Thinking about changing your number plate into a different design. This must have been coming from looking at other vehicles number designs right. These designs can help you in finding your number plates. You must have noticed that there are many standard flat plate type designs that you can look into to design your vehicle number. In UK number plates, you must have come across something like 3D or4D type number plates, which have gained a much popular response in the market. You can just add a little bit of style to your fancy number plate. This new design plate comes which a unique design to attract the customer and comes with an extensive range of registration deign.

The type of 4D plates is manufactured in the length of 3 mm acrylic character. It is available in black Charles Wright font. It is then firmly attached with the premium quality of acrylic plates with more amount of adhesive. Recently the Law and the vehicle licensing agency (DVLA) have stated that they have legalized the 3D number plates in the UK but is that rule is still for 4D?

So now let’s shift our focus on what is 4D number plates are. 4D, which simply means a bigger size of 3D. You can say it is the bigger brother of 3D gel plates. These are made by using laser-cut acrylic letters typically. Professionals make them. Then these letters are pressed with raised gel letters which are done on 3D plates. All the characters of the 4D plates are engraved with black typeface, but they are often seen to be backed with another colour beneath. This helps in giving a perfect 3D plus effect. These effects are not commonly seen on the road. So, you can take these kinds of designs and show off your private number to the entire motorist on the road.

Knowing more about the 3D and 4D Number Plates

There are several innovative 4D plates that you can find. You can also go for a variety of different finishes that you can think of as customization. You can go for a different gloss type of thing or an extra frosting-like thing. This will give your number plates a more luxurious type of appearance.

Now the most important question is that is 4D number plates the legal UK. As the law change for UK number plates recently, it has notified that the DVLA has deemed that the 3D number plate’s designs are legal to run on the road. The number plate is fulfilling all the status of road rules, and you can go for the 3D number plate. These particular rules are designed mostly to ensure the proper type of reading by the authorities and motorists in day and night time.

So, following the same, the rules are also legalized for the 4D number plates. The only rule they have to follow is to regulate the UK rules for number plates. It is fully legal to use your 4D number plate in your car. You can take the example of using the acrylic character of black letters on a white plate on the front of your vehicle and black on a yellow plate on the backside of your vehicle to give it a classy reflective look. You must follow all the rules before engraving the number, you must go for proper measurement of letters and numbers, and you must also look for the margins.

Focusing on the Laws

All your 4D characters must be in Charles Wright font and continued to be up to standards. For ensuring the particular, the 4D laser cutting number plates are created. These are mostly used for designing professional equipment. These are done to have the precise cutting for the number plates. You can have your own precisely standard UK plates for outer vehicles. Ensuring the number plate to be legal, you must make sure that the 4D character must attach itself to the same level of British standards (BS AU 145d).

Coming to the points where you must know some of the new laws that the UK has done for the number plates will start from September 2021. All the required laws must be implemented in the vehicles in the earliest manner. All the technical requirements must be fulfilled to have the proper functional standards. All the number plates must be tested for durability and the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera test. There are some of the rules that the 3D number plate has to follow. 3D plates with different colours or highlighting colours are now banned. All the letters and numbers in the plats should be done in only one shade of black. The two-tone 3D gel number plates are completely banned under the new law, effective from 1st January 2020. The 4D number plates also come with the same set of rules and can be allowed only if they get passed by the DLVA standards. 

The BSI (British standards institute) is now looking for ensuring a better quality of number plates all over the UK. All the number plates should be tested for durability and must go through various weather impacts. The rules for 3D and 4D number plates are specifically must go through the ANPR cameras to detail the registration. 

3D gel plates are most difficult for the on-road ANPR camera. As for the two-tone colour, it is sometimes difficult for the camera to read it. So, both the 3D and 4D number plates are under the same set of restrictions regarding the validation of number plates. 

Frequently asked questions

What number plates are illegal in the UK?

The UK has banned 20 such number plates recently. M20 R0N, BU20 GER, and A20 RSE are three number plates that have been recently banned in the UK.

Are 3D number plates illegal in the UK?

3D plates are completely legalized in the UK. However, there are some strict rules that the number plate has to follow to be legalized.

Are 4D number plates legal?

Yes, 4D number plates are legal in the UK. By following all the road rules given by DVLA, the 4D number plate is fully road legal.