What are Digital Asset Management Software and Examples?

Digital Asset Management Software

Is your organization facing some difficulties keeping up with your digital assets?

You can get the best digital asset management software or your team to find, store, organize, retrieve, and distribute the entire digital information from one central source of truth.

In this article, we will go in-depth about what is digital asset management software and some of the best digital asset management software for small businesses in 2023.

What is digital asset management software?

A digital asset management software system is software that is designed to centrally store and distribute digital records. It is quicker to use and easier to set up.

A centralized digital asset management software will provide internal and external stakeholders access to all their digital assets including photos, videos, creative files, clippings, audios, presentation decks, documents, and many more.

DAM software provides a way to increase campaign productivity and enhance brand awareness. Moreover, the best digital asset management software organizes your digital assets in a way that will increase the maximizes your product value.

It will help you to automate your workflow and set the expiration date of your product licensing. In some cases, the DAM systems are also implemented by the marketing team for defining and managing online brands.

DAM systems help your brand to get more value from digital assets by storing them in a centralized digital library. DAM software is also used to achieve digital assets of the past and streamline the current content and automate the workflow.

Let’s get started with our sorted list:

Best digital asset management software

Adobe Experience Manager Assets:

Digital Asset Management Software

Adobe’s digital assets management software is a great platform for managing all your digital content on a single platform with the speed of a cloud-native solution.

As the assets are cloud-native, this tool can automatically scale itself to meet the traffic and also processing demands keeping it highly responsive to change. With this software, you can create workflows for planning, designing, approving, retrieving, and managing all the digital rights and link up with teams using their Adobe asset Link Feature.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


Digital Asset Management Software

Bynder is a famous digital asset management software that is used by global brands. It helps the users to automate creative workflows with versioning, customizable, annotations approval paths.

Bynder also enables its users by offering easy-to-use brand templates to create new marketing content right on the platform. It supports various third-party apps such as Magento, Google Analytics, and more.

It is also available as an android and iOS app.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website

Widen Collective:

Digital Asset Management Software

Widen Collective is one of the best digital asset management software for configuration and customization. Widen collective is a great platform that serves as a central foundation to organize, share, and distribute the digital content of your brand across the web.

This tool also has a powerful search functionality and flexible metadata models. Moreover, you can choose this tool as a standalone digital asset management tool. Several add-on applications are also available to construct your brand management, product information management system, marketing resource management system, etc.

Pricing: annual subscription starting at 24,252.05 pounds.


Digital Asset Management Software

Bright offers two different types of DAM software-one for medium to large businesses and one for small businesses. Dash has recently launched and is designed for new start-ups.

One amazing feature is that you can find, share, and organize your digital files with your tags very smartly.

Collectively Bright is a complete package of digital asset management software that offers you web-based and on-premise, end-to-end experience. This platform is equipped with several tools such as bulk upload that let you upload, store, centralize, manage, and track all your digital assets.

A particularly unique feature is the advanced download that let you customize the existing files by choosing the format, modifying the quality, and resizing them before downloading them as separate files.

Pricing: £0.54 per month. 1 employee; £4.21 per month. 10 employees 


Digital Asset Management Software

Cloudinary is another cloud-based renowned software that uses its AI to automatically tag assets such as images according to colour, faces, and objects to make them easily searchable and retrieved.

Moreover, Cloudinary will allow you to create roles and define access according to the roles to enable streamlined collaboration with internal and external parties.

Beyond storing, sharing, and retrieving the digital assets this tool even tracks, analyzes, and reports to you about how your digital assets are performing.

The best part of this tool is that it offers you a free plan for getting started.

Pricing: free 75,000 total images; 7,500 monthly images

The advance one ranges from £39.75 to £202.02

Digital asset management software for small business


Digital Asset Management Software

Brandfolder is a digitally elegant digital asset management software that is best for any small-scale business entrepreneur. This software allows marketers and industries to maximize their brand management potential.

Brandfolder is a platform that is more than the storage of your digital assets. With this platform, users can organize, manipulate, distribute, and retrieve their most important digital content from a single source of trust.

With advanced AI-powered smart search, annotated workflows, and asset editing and manipulation, Brandfolder’s best suite amplify cross-team collaboration and productivity, it enables its users to access the contents they need.

Pricing: Brandfolder plans start at £364.95.


Digital Asset Management Software

MediaValet is a cloud-based DAM platform that helps the marketing and creative teams to manage, collaborate, and distribute their digital assets and content. With unlimited users, teams can access the digital content worldwide that they need.

This platform is trusted by global brands such as Razer, Margaritaville, Brand USA, and more.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website

Image Relay:

Image relay is another best-suited small business digital asset management software that not only lets you store, organize, and manage your digital assets but also allows you to create asset profiles.

That can capture unique details, contexts, and usage of every file so that you can easily access the appropriate files at the right time. Also, it is versioning features of various versions and histories of your digital assets.

You can also easily revert to the previous versions. The amazing thing about this platform is it is start-up friendly and comes with highly affordable plans.

Pricing: startup plan starts at only $ 79.91 per month.


Digital Asset Management Software

Panopto is another leading digital asset management software that is specialized in enterprise videos. It let small organizations and universities upload, host, and share videos on a secure, and private platform like YouTube.

You can record and edit videos on this platform. This platform also supports large-scale screaming. One of the great features of this platform is the video search feature. So, you can easily search for any word spoken or appeared on the screen.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website

Extensis Portfolio:

Portfolio by Extensis is a digital asset management software that enables a minimalist, modern user interface and dashboard. With its Smart Automation feature, you can organize your digital assets, add appropriate keywords, extract metadata, and create workflows.

Amazingly, this software comes with a special feature called “flexible Organization” that enables you to define catalogues and folders based on your business’s needs.

Apart from the excellent features, the portfolio is also highly flexible either being installed –on-premises or off-premises on cloud servers like Azure, AWS, and more.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be sent on the website


The best advantage of using digital management software is everyone can share the same file version; everyone can access the most up-to-date version that is stored and shared on a cloud. So, it let everyone up to date with the latest changes.

Another thing is you can use metadata to organize and relocate digital assets. Digital assets management software stores images, videos, contents, and documents along with their metadata.

So, you as a business owner can install the appropriate DAM software from the above list in your organization as it serves as the single source of truth, and enables an interface between creation, management, and delivery.