Yesmovies Proxy – 10 YesMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online in 2022


Yesmovies are online websites where audiences can entertain themselves by watching all types of shows for free from the quality perspective. Also, it does give a premium quality, which is very helpful for the cinema buffs to have regular contact like that. All types of various shows, from Hollywood to Bollywood, are available even in the regional language. It is also true that whatever we watch here, the pirated versions come up. Many people cannot differentiate the quality of the content as no money policy becomes very predominant. At times before the real release of the item, it becomes available on the website as that is how the entire thing works.

Protests and Legalities

This particular digital pirated website has faced a lot of criticism due to the illegal means it has provided in all these. Yesmovies had faced the US’s backlashes because the production houses solely US dependant tried banning this website even urged the respective authorities to take the website down as soon as possible. Still, nothing worked properly, and people continued watching shows on this platform while the other members from the glamour industry had to lose much staff due to that.

Blocking and Banning

After so many trials when nothing could work in favor of the people who are earning money out of making films, people from various parts of India blocked yesmovies to prevent online piracy and put an end to doing business illegally. In such case users take help of yesmovies proxy.

How Yesmovies copy

Yesmovies show all the contents and the way it copies the contents from the various movie halls by applying something that is not all permissible, directly invading into the users’ private space. A lot of times, it showed some kinds of below-graded contents where individuals’ privacy has been infringed.

Downloaded options

Apart from the online streaming, the downloaded option that yes movies proxy offer so far also comes under the illegal means since it has nothing to cater to; it has nothing as originality apart from copying contents and then serving the rest with the help of pirated versions.

Leaking Strategies

There have been way too many allegations that how yesmovies have leaked big-budget movies time and again and how it hampered the filmmakers’ business prospects; just because there is no official complaint that does not mean that protests against yesmovies and the illegal ways of making money have never been raised.


But the illegal means could not stop the popularity of the site. It helped these online platforms to grow even more. Like the simple thought we have in English, there is nothing like negative publicity; the more we raise our voice against something corrupted, dishonest, the more it becomes easier for the particular thing to grow. People come up with the knowledge of the sites, come up with the understanding that yes, such things do exist. That is why yesmovies as a website has earned so much popularity where global Alexa rank sits between seventy-three thousand and forty-four. This rank is based on the useful numeric data collected from various surveys and questionnaires where people agreed that yes, the name yesmovies is not a strange one on this date.

Statistical Inputs

Within every 3 minutes, at least five pages of this website get thoroughly followed up and browsed, and it always remains first in the list of the users. And this information is very latest and has only been updated on April’2020. It is also true due to the world wide lockdown that happened in this pandemic that even increased the popularity rate of the website to some greater extent where people ended up only surfing this particular website, the usages have grown so much that at times the news of website crush has also become a part. Still, people kept on surfing as well as recommending others to watch it too. To get solution for yes movies unblocked, use this site on proxy server.

Country Wise Inputs

According to the country, wise estimate yesmovies hold the sharing’s of at least 23,734 billion US dollars per year, country-wise popularity of this website also seems too big. All the estimations that we see are happening only because of illegal business and corruption; it is better to keep our interest apart and abide by the rules and regulations.

10 YesMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online in 2022

Owing to our busy schedules and the time crunch, reading books has become an almost impossible job for most, no matter how much they love to and want to. Frankly speaking, it is the same with watching films or shows on television as they have definite timings that fit schedules, which, unfortunately, do not fit into our schedules. Thus, the best way to enjoy films or good shows is either by downloading them or by watching them on OTT platforms, where one can enjoy a huge variety of quality content, at any time they want.

There are shows and films from all genres, eras, languages, and such. The OTT platforms which have paid, that is, premium services, also make and produce films, shows, and such content on their own. YesMovies is a free OTT streaming platform. One of the most popular among such free streaming platforms, downloading or streaming content from YesMovies is deemed illegal.

What exactly is YesMovies?

YesMovies is a free OTT streaming platform that was launched in 2016 in India for streaming and downloading content for free and became hugely popular because of its user-friendly interface and attractive themes and designs. It also struck a chord with the users because of the huge number of features that it has to offer and also because of the wide variety of content available on the website. It has a huge number of content from all eras, genres, and languages. However, it is a digital piracy website and thus it is advised not to use one’s actual details while signing up for it.

Using these sites

It is pretty easy for these sites as their method of working is pretty straightforward. You can type in a word that acts as a keyword or the entire name of the film or show that you want to watch and you will get the desired search results. You can search by typing in the names of actors or directors. You can also filter your search results by genre and era and also by rating.

Protecting your cybersecurity

What one needs to keep in mind is that streaming or downloading content from these sites means opening the gateway for viruses to your device. And since YesMovies isa digital piracy website, very often it happens that these sites are banned and new mirror sites or proxy sites are created in its place. The URL of the site may change but what doesn’t change is the fact that such sites might end up being used for hacking into the devices of the users or also to leak private data. Such websites ads breeding grounds for hackers and malware.

10 YesMovies Alternatives to Watch online Movies in 2022

Let us take a look at 10 of the best alternative YesMovies websites where you can watch films released in 2022:

  1. Vumoo

Much different from YesMovies when you consider the layout, but just as good when you consider the features and the huge amount of quality content available, Vumoo is one of the most popular alternative YesMovies websites and bombs the user with only very few ads. What’s more, you don’t even have to sign up to use it, so that saves time too.

  1. MoviesJoy

One of the newer kids on the block, this site has become highly popular as it blocks irritating ads and unnecessary pop-ups. It has features similar to that of YesMovies and offers a huge range of content, along with reviews and ratings from trusted sources. Over the years, it has become one of the most alternative YesMovies websites.

  1. Flixture

You can watch content on this website without having to register and that will save a lot of time. It blocks unnecessary ads and popups. It has a very organized layout and you can explore quality content based on the views it has in the area. It is a free website that where you don’t have to spend any money to subscribe to anything.

  1. BMovies

It has a huge amount of films and shows to offer and it also has individual reviews and ratings for each to let the viewer know what to expect when they start watching a show or a film. It has a user-friendly interface and a layout that is attractive as well similar to that of YesMovies. It also doesn’t require signing up and the content can be enjoyed for free.

  1. PopcornFlix

One of the most popular alternative YesMovies websites, PopcornFlix has a very organized and neat layout and thus doesn’t require much work for its features to be found and used. The greatest advantage of PopcornFlix is that there is no lagging or buffering during the streaming and the show of film can be enjoyed smoothly.

  1. Amazon Prime  

This website has some of the best content to offer, many of which are made and produced by themselves and thus it has a premium, that is, paid services. A few bucks will give you unlimited access to a plethora of films and shows around the clock. You can also sign up on multiple devices, allowing your loved ones to share the content with you. You also get a free trial for the first 30 days.

With a user-friendly interface and a simple layout that is similar to that of YesMoies, this site is hugely popular as it has a plethora of quality content too, ffofferand that without signing up. You can then joy the latest films and shows and the newest seasons of old shows without having to register or without having to spend any money.

  1. PutLocker

Without having to register, you can enjoy quality shows and films on PutLocker, and that its one of the greatest benefits of this site. You can enjoy a plethora of films and good shows and you can also theme them alphabetically or by other orders so that you can find your desired show or film without much hassle. You can also filter your search results according to the genre,e, era or actors and actresses.

  1. SolarMovies

With a layout similar to that of YesMovies, it has a plethora of films and good shows to offer to the user, without having to sign up. If other sites for streaming and downloading are banned in your country or region, then definitely opt for SolarMovies. It has very few ads or popups.

  1. Prime Wire

It got blocked a few months back but is now accessible again and has favorites again. It has a user-friendly tea face and a huge number of features to offer, without having to sign up. Definitely one of the best sites out there.


Thus, there a  various alternative YesMovies websites where you can enjoy a huge amount of quality content, anytime you want. You can also download shows or films from these websites as most of these alternative YesMovies websites have an option to download various picture qualities. Almost all of these websites were inspired by YesMovies and many of thereof proxy or mirror sites of the original YesMovies website.

But with the addition of various other features, many of these webs turned out to be better than the original. Well, what are you waiting for r that hate that hat alternative YesMovies websites, you can finally start watching the latest films released in 2022 and you can start watching other quality content too?